Tech Tuesday: Checking In With Readers

So far Tech Tuesday has covered basic computing technology (9 installments), an overview of web technology (11 installments) and an introduction to programming (a whooping 29 installments). So once again it’s time to survey readers to see what folks would like to see covered next. Here are my ideas but you can also add your own in the survey below:

Neural Networks and Machine Learning: This is a subject I am still learning a lot about, so the sequence would follow my own progress. I have posted about my interest in this subject and I would probably try to write a sample project.

Lower Level Programming: This sequence would start by taking a look inside the CPU and its registers.  We would then examine some assembly code and work our way up towards programming in C.

Theory of Computer Science: Look at the theoretical underpinnings of computing, such as state and Turing machines, algorithmic complexity, and the halting problem.

Technology in Startups: This would be a practical outlook informed by my work with a lot of startups. It would likely cover how to choose appropriate technology, build an engineering team, prioritize work, etc.

Please take a second and fill out the survey below.


Posted: 19th February 2013Comments
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